Most salesmen can talk a good game when it comes to providing “excellent” customer service. In the security business, however, this ideal can quickly take a back seat to the priority of protecting customer’s employees and their assets. However, both are truly equally important priorities, and the ultimate success of Top Guard as a company depends on both. Top Guard’s family-oriented culture has always stressed that employees are its most valuable resource, whereas our customers are its heart and soul.  Without loyal customers, there is no Top Guard long-term.  Blessedly, a reputation for customer service has made Top Guard stand out in a competitive market.  It has also generated business the most preferable way — through referrals.  Customer service principle we seek to model and embrace include:

Responding Quickly To Customer Needs

Compared to our competition — national and international companies with multi-layered bureaucratic management and anemic support foundations, Top Guard maintains a robust agile account management team. This structure eliminates response barriers, increases productivity, and allows for changing priorities more quickly.  Direct communication expedites inquiries or issues and underscores the value we place on our business relationship. Timely follow up is crucial, along with confirming that issues or concerns have been successfully addressed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Assigning Employees Who Care

To prioritize the customer and strive to exceed expectations, Top Guard seeks to identify security officers who take pride in their performance. Top Guard’s values and service philosophy are stressed during interviews, processing and onboarding.  It is vital that security officers reflect strong traits of empathy and friendliness, are good listeners, have a positive attitude, are patient and possess solid written and verbal communication skills.  At its root the best customer service experience comes from hiring the best employees.

Employing Modern Technology

While face-to-face contact is always important, customers need to know that scheduling, screening, central dispatch, and field reporting technologies are state-of-the-art and developed specifically to enhance the overall customer experience. Top Guard routinely reviews and updates its technology.

Key Performance Indicators

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of our customer service, Top Guard has established very specific metric standards of achievement. These standards measure our success, in our continuing efforts to reach optimum performance. This consistent exercise underscores the importance of the customer, and has had a very positive impact on our organization. Measuring the number of compliments and/or complaints, response time, and number of interactions needed to resolve a problem results in an enhanced the overall customer experience. It has also kept the customer first mentality in the very forefront where it belongs.

Effort is everything.

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” – Roger Staubach