While others close down for snow storms, Top Guard Security steps up to ensure our clients receive the consistent and reliable service they can expect from Top Guard.. Several key precautions were put in place so that Top Guard was prepared for the storm and to ensure our officers remain safe.

These included having several 4×4 vehicles on the Southside and the Peninsula to provide over 230 rides to our security officers so they were able to get to their sites safely.

Providing food, water, and space heaters at various sites so that the officers would be comfortable while they secured each site.

Doubling our number of dispatchers on duty 24/7, and including an on-site manager for support.

Having a generator in both the Norfolk and Hampton offices encase of  power-outages.

As you can see, Top Guard continues to be reliable in the face of harsh weather. Safety is our first priority for all of our clients and officers. We appreciate everyone’s hard work during the storm!

A great job for Team Top Guard!