In the spring of 2014, Travis Edwards received the Top Guard Security Scholarship from TCC. We could not have chosen a more deserving student to give this award to.

Travis’ mother pushed him to continue his education at Tidewater Community College. However in 2013, Travis’ mother unfortunately passed away. He had no idea what the future held for him, but took the opportunity to follow her advice and continue his education.

“After she died I was not sure if I wanted to still go to school. I decided to not let her down and continued to do the best I could academically. In the spring semester of 2014 is when I found out about the scholarship opportunity. It came at a perfect time since I was pretty down on myself. I honestly did not think I had much of a shot at getting it. The actual awarding brought tears to my eyes and it felt nice to have someone other than my family believe that I could achieve something in life. It was a moment I’ll never forget and I am very fortunate to have received such an honor.” – Travis Edwards

Travis now continues his education at Old Dominion University. We are pleased to have given such a scholarship to someone who deserved it most. We know he will continue to make great achievements in his life. We congratulate Travis and continue to wish him the best in the future!