Quality Assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes and avoiding problems when delivering services to customers. Top Guard uses two primary methods to remotely supervise its Security Officers.Field Supervisionis one, and the most critical as the human aspect; andCompleteReportis the second, which complements the first with state-of-the-art technology. Field Supervisors provide supervision of day-to-day security operations at customer facilities, and are performed randomly with no established schedule. Field Supervisors providerepetitive training, perform inspections, motivation and encouragement, as well as respond and report to any service related problems. In many instances, the quality of service will correlate directly with the number of visits/inspections performed by Field Supervisors.CompleteReport, as an essential supervision tool, monitors the time and patrol activity of Security Officerswhile on duty. CompleteReportis designed to help ensure that security officers have reported on time, are making their required foot patrols, and generating reports that reflect when, where, and what officers have inspected while conducting these patrols.CompleteReporthas the added benefit of affording a remote view of officer activityin real-time through an open portal.

Field Supervision

The role of a Top Guard Security Officer is an important one. People depend on their swift and decisive actions in an emergency, and they are generally the first person sought out when there is a security issue of most any kind. This makes Quality Assurance inspections, and the role of a Field Supervisor, especially crucial to verify that each Security Officer is representing Top Guard professionally and prepared to perform their duties as outlined in each customer’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Aside from being highly trained, a Field Supervisor must fully understand the SOP requirements of each service location, and have significant customer knowledge as to conduct informal oral testsand refresher training. But, the role of a Top Guard Field Supervisor goes well beyond evaluating the appearance and behavior of each officer, providing briefings on any changes, and ensuring that compliance to security procedures are understood and carried out. Our Field Supervisors are also instrumental in leading and inspiring Security Officers to exceed customer service expectations. To accomplish this, Top Guard seeks Field Supervisors who:

  • Possess exceptional critical thinking skills, and can identify potential crisis situations and vulnerabilities in the security process. This serves to train and guide officers in developing their own abilities, giving them confidence to adapt quickly and react appropriately within a dynamic risk environment.
  • Possess effective communication skills. A strong Field Supervisor can resolve most any issue expediently on the basis of reliable information and a strong bridge of understanding with assigned officers and the Top Guard executive management team. By establishing a clear line of communication, all integral parties in turn work together to not only solve minor issues quickly, but potentially prevent dangerous situations or violence from occurring on a customer’s property. Effective communication instilled in theofficers themselves has other lasting benefits as well. Firm,courteous verbal exchanges between Security Officers and others tend to de-escalate or defuse most any crisis situation.
  • Possess traits of honesty and integrity. Field Supervisors provide oversight of Security Officers tasked with processing sensitive and company private information, personal identification, and monitoring operations which are in place to protect each customer’s property and assets. It is imperative that each Security Officer be discreet and honest, as both are fundamental to performing their duties professionally. Our Field Supervisors lead by example to ensure each officer understands the important role integrity plays in their overall performance.
  • Possess motivation skills. Security Officers are many times subject to extended hours, with repetitive duties in a stressful environment. In this regard, Field Supervisors play a vital role in coaching officers to stay alert and remain vigilant in their attention to detail. Moreover, Field Supervisors need to remind every Security Officer that their feedback is important, and that their job is valued, vital and appreciated. The nature of security work demands repetitive encouragement and morale reinforcement. Under an energetic and charismatic Field Supervisor, officers tend to perform better and with much greater consistency.

Complete Reporting Tracking

Security Officers generate various types of reports that serve to inform each customer of what they have observed, as well as any issues that need to be addressed. Incident reports an daily activity reports are an industry staple. However, there are many other types of reports that Security Officers can generate, including: maintenance reports, fire extinguisher reports, parking infractions, temperature checks, traffic flows and incident trending. With the amount of information that Officers are generating through CompleteReport, customers have an easy way to organize, distribute, and summarize pertinent information. CompleteReport eliminates the inefficient use of paper reports by allowing officers to submit their reports via the web portal. This system provides customers with one point of access to review, update, and disseminate any reports that are generated by Security officers. Our customers are automatically alerted to major incidents as they occur. Activity and reports are online in the real time dashboard. This all-in-one reporting solution combines smart devices, GPS real time tracking, NFC technology, customized reports, photo and video capture, signatures and more. 

Having an adequate system for remotely supervising Security Officers is critical to ensuring good service. Without frequent and expert supervision, Security Officers will be inadequately trained and often unmotivated. Instilling regular habits of efficiency, professionalism, and communication through solid Quality Assurance tools will make all involved more successful.

You must have respect, which is a part of love, for those under your supervision. Then they will do what you ask and more.

— John Wooden