Top Guard Security provides long term, short term and temporary professional security solutions to various industries, events and locations:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Maritime Properties (TWIC & e-Rail)
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Residential Towers
  • Colleges & Universities (Campus Security Officers)
  • City, State & Federal Government Contracts
  • Special Events

Top Guard Security provides uniformed unarmed and armed private security professionals who have been carefully selected, are thoroughly trained and undergo continuous quality assurance supervision. Each account has an assigned Account Manager, with portfolios that are based upon service types, such as commercial properties, maritime facilities, academic institutions and government contracts.

Full-time staffing
A full-time Staffing Specialist is devoted to the careful selection of capable, experienced, full-time officers who will become familiar with your business and security needs. We use industry-specialized pre-screening, background checks, drug testing, and a multi-tiered interview system throughout our employment selection process. We know that quality security relies on quality employees, so we only hire the best person for the job.
Site-specific Training
Every client account and site has a custom Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Training is provided to each security professional on the account and is documented with training checklists and a site competency quiz.
Complete Report ® Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Software
Our proprietary electronic software monitoring system will provide you and your staff with real-time transparency into the location, movements and activities of each security officer. Know exactly when officers arrive and leave, create customized guard rounds, alert supervisors for corrective action, track trends and incidents, all while sending a constant stream of data and alerts to the Top Guard Command Center for live monitoring and response.