President Nicole Stuart was honored to speak with CoVa Biz Magazine, and be one of five contributors for their newest article “5 Tips for Letting an Employee Go”.

Below is a snippet of the article. The full publication can be found here.

There are many challenges that come with a leadership role, but one of the most difficult and unpleasant is letting an employee go. Whether firing someone for a specific action (or inaction) or eliminating positions during company-wide layoffs, letting someone go is a delicate issue that not only affects the employee but can also have an impact on the morale of the company. Local leaders share some tips below for making the process as smooth and professional as possible.

“A released employee should never be ‘shocked.’ Progressive disciplinary processes ensure that an employee is informed of what isn’t working in their performance (and hopefully chooses to improve). Through progressive disciplinary and coaching, an employee is being given the opportunity to show that the position is a good fit and that they desire to remain with the firm. If the employee’s performance does not improve, then they are given the opportunity to find a job that is a good fit.” — Nicole Stuart, President of Top Guard Security