Retail Locations Put People On The Lookout

holidays_secureBy: Peter Dujardin – The Daily Press (Chicago Tribune Co.) – Dec 16, 2000

It’s Friday afternoon, and Capt. Emile Augustin is on patrol. The security guard paces around the rooftop of the Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, scoping the parking lot with binoculars.”We can see everything from up here,” Augustin says, watching car after car pour into the lot near the new JCPenney. “Like, if I see a lady with a lot of packages walking by herself to her car, I’ll call the mobile unit to go to that area to make sure she makes it to her car safely. “For the seventh consecutive holiday season, the Patrick Henry Mall security team has stationed a guard atop the mall from the early afternoon to the evening, with the guards working in two-hour shifts.” It gets pretty chilly up here at times,” says Augustin, who dons gloves but no hat. “But I think it helps the mall security. If people see you up here, think twice about doing anything.” | See Full Article