Security Beefed Up At Bases, Ports Here And Across Country
security_beefed_upBy: Peter Dujardin – The Daily Press (Chicago Tribune Co.) – Feb 14, 2003

Companies with sensitive security concerns declined to talk much about their heightened security efforts. Security was very high at the Surry nuclear power station, an electric plant owned by Dominion Resources, according to company spokesman Rick Zuercher. But he would not comment on what was being done.

Other companies were making sure their security teams are on alert, said Chris Stuart of Top Guard Security, a large Hampton security company that is hired by area firms and federal job sites.”They’re sending out reminders, memorandums, things of that sort,” Stuart said.”They’re making sure that patterns of checking buildings and other things aren’t ignored. When a code system happens, they have to be that much more on their toes.” | See Full Article