Today, we have a guest post from Security Officer Ken Murphy on what Security Officers should be aware of when working their posts in light of recent events.

Today is Thursday, or as I like to refer to it as “My Friday”, the last day in my work cycle. Frankly I am glad it is here as this has been a busy week. With major construction going on, there is a constant flow of people, equipment, vendors, and deliveries to keep you from sitting down.

When I came in this morning, I noticed that the American Flag was at half mast. I wondered what had happened now. I went to bed early last night and did not see the news broadcast. It has become very depressing now-a-days because all the news is about war, death, destruction, and the advancement of terror activity throughout the world.

I always thought that this country was safe from attack; then 9-11 occurred. That brought the word “Terrorist Attack” to our country, our home. We, America, were feeling what most of rest of the world has been feeling.

What should I be looking for? What signs do I look for? Where will it strike again? When will it happen again? Is it safe for me and my family to go to the mall? Questions, Questions, Fear, Questions, “If you see something – Say something”, be aware of your surroundings, always be vigilante, WOW, what has become of the homeland, It will not happen in the USA, Fight it over there (wherever there is).

Now that I am all fired up, I start looking around me and my post. I never thought there would be an armed security guard at the entrance to a water plant. But here I am. How serious is it? Would any group or individual give a second thought to attack a water plant? Well I suppose no one every thought someone would stop in front of an armed forces recruiting office in a strip shopping mall, raise a rifle and shoot. This could have and may in the wicked mind of single person or a group intent on the destruction of our freedom, way of life and yes us also.

Look at our recent history: movie theater, shopping mall, foot race, police officers having lunch in their car, church, military recruiting station… What is next, this water plant, marine piers, a monorail… who knows?

Well now that I have started thinking about it and put a little fear in you, what am I, and yes YOU going to do about it? One, have faith in the local, state, and the federal authorities to be on top of and one step ahead of those plotting against us. Two, be so ever vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Be suspicious, and if you have been on your post any time at all, you know what is normal and what is out of the norm. Don’t hesitate for a minute to jot down some notes and tell someone in authority what you observed. Three, do your job, the one you are being paid to do. When you put on that uniform and strap on your weapon, think! This is for real, I am the first line of defense, and it could happen at my site, on my shift. Do I need to read my sites emergency plan? YES. Do I need to review my post orders? YES. Have I thought of some contagious plans? A wise man once said “the worst thing we fear is fear itself”. This is your country, this is your life, and this is your freedom, my family lives here. I will not succumb to their ternary, I may fear them, but they will not conquer me.

As a nation, we sometimes fight among ourselves, but let someone come between us and challenge us, we will as in the past come together as one nation, one force, one mission, “destroy them, their evil, and not for a minute allow their presents in OUR LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE.

As I lean back in the office chair in the guard shack, the door is open and I have an up front view of the tall, shinny flag pole next to the shack. The flag has been lowered to half mast to honor the service men that died at the hands of a deranged, bent on evil, individual in Tenn. There is a slight breeze and the 5’ x 8’ flag is gently waving. With it lowered at half mast, it looks even bigger.

It should look bigger because it is. It is the biggest, brightest, most colorful and majestic icon I have ever known. It is my flag, it is your flag as this is “My Land, This Is Your Land”, I have ownership, I respect it, I will protect it, and I do love it.

Security Officers, stay true to the uniform you wear and to what you have been entrusted to do, to the people you serve, to those that guide you, but most of all stay true to yourself.

God Bless America and all those that protect her.

Ken Murphy
Top Guard Security Officer

Last Revised: July 27, 2015