Excessive Heat Could Hurt Pooch
By: Regina Clark – Copyright Chicago Tribune Co. Jul 27, 1999

Two weeks ago, Falls responded to a call about a dog that had been left in a car while the owners shopped at a mall. Because of the heat, the dog died within 20 minutes.”People don’t stop and think that when temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, it’s much hotter in the car,” said Capt. Emile Louis Augustine of Top Guard Security, which monitors Patrick Henry Mall.The mall security officers often call the SPCA when animals are left in cars, but that’s after paging the owners several times. Last week, the owners of a poodle notified security that their dog was missing from their car. But mall security knew exactly where the animal was. When the owners didn’t respond for three hours after security had paged them, the dog was removed from the car and taken to the animal shelter.

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